Welcome to Mindful Health

What is Mindful Health?

Mindful Health is a not for profit organisation delivering high quality Mindfulness Consultancy, *Mindfulness Teacher Training, and Mindfulness-based courses. Its senior Mindfulness trainers work within the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice (CMRP) University of Bangor and also with Sussex Partnership NHS Trust within the Sussex Mindfulness Centre (SMC).

Mindful Health is a member of BAMBA, the British Association of Mindfulness-based Approaches, formerly the UK Network of Mindfulness-based Teacher Training Organisations. Our Mindfulness Trainers adhere to the *Good Practice Guidelines for Trainers and we encourage teachers we train to adhere to these guidelines.

Who runs Mindful Health?

Mindful Health was founded by Karunavira and Taravajra, experienced and qualified mindfulness teachers. You can read more about Mindful Health.

Contact Karunavira and Taravajra

Mindful Health Directors-Karunavira and Taravajra

Mindfulness Consultancy

Mindful health offers consultancy to organisations and businesses wishing to develop Mindfulness services and training in the U.K and internationally.

Mindfulness Teacher Training

We train groups and individuals within an internship focused approach.

Mindfulness Supervision

We provide Mindfulness Supervision and coaching at individual, group and organisation levels.

Mindfulness-based Courses

(MBI’s): We deliver bespoke courses in MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) and MBCT (Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy) for a wide range of contexts (clinical, workplace teams, carers, older people, and general groups)

Mindfulness Workshops

We deliver a wide range of bespoke Mindfulness workshops of varying intensity and duration


As mindfulness teachers, trainers and supervisors we are committed to participating in social justice.

Mindfulness teaching cannot be seen as insulated from the society in which we all live.
We are opposed to discrimination and violence of all kinds, between humans and in relation to animals. We are also passionate about the climate emergency.

Mindful Health supports the EDI (Equality, diversity and inclusion) work within BAMBA
You can see the BAMBA response to Black Lives Matter here

  • What is Mindfulness

    Mindfulness can be defined as an appreciative orientation towards our experience, moment by moment, leading to a deeper understanding of life.