Online Mindfulness Retreat September 2020

Online 5-day Mindfulness Silent Retreat with Taravajra and Robert Marx
7th – 11th September 2020

Cost £250
Recognised by BAMBA as a suitable alternative 5 day retreat for Listed teachers during the Coronavirus period.
Let’s respond and evolve together!

As far as possible, we are aiming to replicate the conditions found in the residential setting we had planned before the current lockdown. We want to build a community of practice and maintain a live sense of this during the week. We will be limiting the numbers of participants in order to maintain a sense of personal connection and mentoring. With care and commitment we will together create supportive conditions for gradually deepening our mindfulness practice and insights through the week.

This 5 day retreat will use the structure of the 4 places of establishing mindfulness (Satipatthana 4 Foundations)

Each morning there will be time to connect (optional but recommended), and a short input, followed by time to reflect. Each afternoon there will be 30 mins speaking from silence on practice themes (optional) in half groups.
There will also be optional opportunities on an individual basis to discuss your practice with the teachers.

You will need a space in which to practise and a good internet connection.

Our intention is to help you maintain continuity of awareness throughout the week within your own home. We will offer guidance about how to do this, including how to manage speaking, eating, sharing your space with others, resting.

If you are unfamiliar with Zoom, here is a video about using Zoom

And we will organise an orientation/ IT practice before the retreat starts so that you can explore any doubts or questions.

Of course, there may be times when you need to attend to others in your household. So when that happens, you would just let us know. We understand that these new circumstances will need flexibility from us all.

As with any residential retreat there will be a spacious programme to dwell in ‘being mode’, with regular rest periods (screen breaks) and times to engage in mindful everyday activities.

The suggested programme will run from Monday to Thursday and finish at lunchtime on the Friday.

7.30 Morning practice, Movement & Sitting
8.30 Breakfast
10.00 Meditation input & guidance, cycle of practice
12.30 Lunch & rest
3.30 Speaking from silence
4.00 Movement, then cycle of practice
5.00 Walking break
5.40 Finish
7.30 Gentle stretching & Kindly awareness
8.30 Finish

To book or for more information, contact or on 07821 510884

To pay, please use this bank account:
Mindful Health
Account No 02983583
Sort code 09-01-50

The cancellation policy is available here