2017 Workshops for Carers in Brighton

There will be two mindfulness courses starting in September for Carers which are funded by Brighton council and the CCG

These courses are designed to help Carers manage their caring responsibilities by providing tools and an approach that is proven to help people manage stress, anxiety and low moods and to bring a range of other benefits. Mindfulness approaches are being used in the NHS, in business, in schools and in the police force to help people build resilience and manage the challenges they face at work and in their lives generally.

Details of the two groups are as follows:

Afternoons with Tara 9 weeks from Sep 26th- Nov 21st at Evolution arts centre, 2 Sillwood Terrace, Brighton BN1 2lR. Times 2.30-5pm
Plus an all day of practice on Sunday Nov 12th

Evenings with Nick 9 weeks from Sep 26th at 17 Tichborne St, Brighton BN1 1UR. Times 7.30-9.30pm plus an All Day of practice on Sunday the 19th November.

The first session of each course is an ‘orientation’ where you can attend without any commitment.

Booking a Place or Getting More Information

If you would like to book a place on one of these courses please read through the information attached and then contact:
Tara if you would like to do the daytime course or
Nick if you would like to do the evening course. You’re welcome to contact us too if you would just like more information.

Tara is running the afternoon group and can be contacted on 07821 510884 or by e mail, taravajra1@gmail.com
Nick Diggins is running the evening group and can be contacted on 07948 795645 or by e mail, nickdiggins.mindfulness@yahoo.co.uk

These courses are totally free for Carers
If you would need replacement care cover for the person you care for to enable you to attend the MBCT course, you can contact Crossroads Care to request cover through their ‘Carers – my health matters scheme’. This service is funded by Brighton & Hove city council and the CCG so there is no cost to you or the person you care for. You can contact Crossroads on 01273 234021 or b&hoffice@esbhcrossroads.org.uk